Only 1% of Earth’s Water is Drinkable!!

Water covers three fourth of the surface of Earth. This fact is known to all, so we are usually not concerned about preserving water. But 97% of water of the world is saline water of the oceans; 2% of water is frozen in the polar ice caps; only 1% of water is drinkable which our in the rivers, canals, ponds and lakes. Unfortunately, this 1% water is polluted due to various human activities.

Disease Caused by drinking Polluted Water

Water Pollution

Waste materials of mills and factories containing harmful chemicals are dumped in water causing water pollution. Household and sewerage waste also contaminate water. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides get washed away by rain water ending up in water sources which make water poisonous. Arsenics pollution also makes water of wells and tube wells poisonous.

Polluted water contains deadly chemicals which can cause cancer, liver and kidney failure, skin problems and various other diseases. Water contaminated with bacteria, virus and other germs cause waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, jaundice etc. Pollution’s such as polythene and plastics clogs the flow of water; or gets deposited at the bottom of rivers decreasing their death causing floods during heavy rainfall.

Fish Dying
Fish Dying

Pollution is also decreasing fish and aquatic animals by destroying habitats and disrupting food chains. So we should try our best to reduce water pollution. We should chemically neutralize waste products before dumping. We have to reduce production of waste, try to re use materials as much as possible and recycle plastic or metal to produce useful products in order to reduce pollution. We can use household waste and sewerage waste to produce organic compost fertilizers or bio-gas instead of throwing them away. Overall we need to raise awareness about pollution through mass media. We hope with united effort of the government, people, mass media and NGOs we would be able to check pollution to ensure survival of our future generations.


Author: Qazi Syed Sayeed Nahin

I was born to serve, Not to lead, But still trying to lead. An artist, Trying to be a business man.

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