Ozone Layer Depletion
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Ozone Layer Depletion

Ozone is a special type of Oxygen molecule which has 3 oxygen atoms instead of 2. Electrical sparks and ultraviolet…

Somali Famine
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Upcoming Global Food Crisis

Climate changes associated with rising green house gases are increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves, severe storms, and floods,…

3 (R) s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Human activities like burning fossil fuels, destruction of forests, releasing harmful chemical in the atmosphere our environment is constantly being…

Man riding a Bicycle
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Benefits of cycling

Benefits of cycling: Saves Money: Most city dwellers spend 15-20 % of their income in transport because the transport fair…

E-waste Epidemic
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E-waste Epidemic

As technology advances we are constantly using computers, mobile-phones, TVs, refrigerators, electric ovens and other electronics. These electronics are being…

Benefits of Recycling
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Why should we recycle?

Rare materials, such as gold and silver, are recycled because acquiring new supplies is expensive. Other materials may not be…

Recyclable Materials
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Recyclable Materials

Recycling is the method of collection, processing, and reuse of materials that would otherwise be thrown away. The recycling process…

Save the Planet, Ride a bike
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Riding Bicycle = World Peace

People Riding Bicycle reduces the demand of oil. If oil demand is decreases then is also lowers the price of oil…

Why would we kill ourselves?
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Why would we kill ourselves?

Global Warming is the measurable increases in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses. Scientists believe Earth is…

Greenhouse Effect
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Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouses are transparent glass or plastic made houses used in cold climate countries to preserve plants in a relatively warm…

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Let us talk about our environment

Our Environment consist of non living elements such as air, water, soil and energy; as well as living elements like…

Global Warming – A threat to human existence
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A Threat to Human Existence!

The earth is the only planet known to host life, but our home planet earth is gradually becoming inhabitable due…

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Only 1% of Earth’s Water is Drinkable!!

Water covers three fourth of the surface of Earth. This fact is known to all, so we are usually not…