Heaven in Hell

Public transport Dhaka

I hate bus rides, but now I am riding local buses from home to office and back home everyday. Waiting for a bus standing in the street is boring. Then when the bus arrives I have to push myself through other people to get on the bus, it seams I am bullying weak people just because I am strong. Again, usually there are no vacant seats from where I get on the bus. When more and more people starts pushing in it becomes very difficult to stand. It is very annoying when some one is breathing on the back of my neck. Sometimes, I get a seat almost every time I find some lady or elderly person to give it away, but I don’t mind that because I sit all day in front of the computer so actually I prefer to stand and I love when someone smiles back when I give him or her my seat.

Bus Transport Dhaka
Bus Transport Dhaka

Well, yesterday, I had to wait about half an hour to get a bus. Just when I got on the bus it went out of order and needed a push. Everyone wanted a ride but none wanted to push. Then after a while me and some other passengers agreed to push and got off the bus. We pushed for almost a minute of pushing the bus stared and when started it almost left without the passengers who where pushing. We had to run again and catch that bus. After that pushing, running and pulling myself on the running bus I got on the bus, did not get a seat yet the good thing was that I was on my way home. After half an hour some people got off and I got a seat. Soon a very fat lady and an even fatter man got on the bus with their little girl of about 4-5 years old. The lady was having trouble standing and holding the girl at the same time, so I just gave her my seat usually I don’t feel so bad about giving away my seat but yesterday I was exhausted and there were no smiles or thank-you and the fat guy was standing just behind me breathing on the back of my neck and his pot belly pushing my back which is extremely annoying.

Bus Transport Dhaka
Bus Transport Dhaka

A few minutes later some other seats become vacant and I got a seat. The fat guy sat beside the fat lady, now there was another problem the seats were too congested and the two seats were not enough to accommodate the fat guy, the fat lady and the little girl. The girl started crying. I proposed the fat man to exchange seats with me so that the all of us can sit comfortable. That thought did not please the fat guy and he said if I really want to help, I should take the little girl on my lap. I don’t know why I said OK. Though the girl was little it is not very comfortable to carry a baby in a jam-packed bus. But the good thing is kids like me a lot especially when they get to pull my beard. So, the summery is that I was exhausted; the bus was over crowded; I was sweating as if I took a sweat bath; a little girl was on my lap pulling my beard and mustache so it felt a. So to make the kid stop pulling my beard I started to tell her a story and the rest of the ride did not went too bad except a few people stepping on my foot. At last when they were about to get off the bus the little girl sweetly kissed my cheeks and said “Khoda-Hafez Mama”. Khoda-Hafez means “May god protect you” in Arabic but probably the little girl don’t know that, in Bangladesh we say it to express “Good bye” and “Mama” means “Uncle”. That moment the jam packed hellish bus seamed to be like heaven and all my tiredness and bitterness was replaced to sweetness.


Author: Qazi Syed Sayeed Nahin

I was born to serve, Not to lead, But still trying to lead. An artist, Trying to be a business man.

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