I would love to try


Good teachers teach lessons.
Better teachers teach how to learn.
The best teachers can teach how to learn and to teach.

Good students learn the lessons.
Better students learn how to implement the knowledge properly.
The best students learn how to implement the knowledge and also innovate creating something new.

I am lucky that I have many good teachers who were the best at there own fields. My father Qazi Noorul Huq taught me how to learn languages by myself. Our dear teacher Mr. Sudeb Paul taught me how to learn and implement theories of science. My favorite teacher Dr. Ismail Jabiullah taught me how to learn programing languages.   I also try to teach my students how to learn, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.

I think I have become a good student and a good teacher and am trying to be better; but I wonder if I can be one of the best before I depart. I would love to try.

Author: Qazi Syed Sayeed Nahin

I was born to serve, Not to lead, But still trying to lead. An artist, Trying to be a business man.

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