Obstacles in the path of getting a job in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country with a growing economy and has become the potential to become a major hub for the global economy. Unfortunately the education system of this country is not up to date as the main focus of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board is on the theoretical aspects of education not on the practical implementation.

Though the literacy rate of Bangladesh is higher than other countries of similar conditions, Bangladesh suffers from high unemployment rates. The youth of Bangladesh are spirited and enthusiastic but they lack in personal skills. There are plenty of job vacancies but the skill-sets do not fulfill the requirements of the employers.

The public educational institutions provide free primary and secondary education but the curriculum does not include practical and vocational training. For example ICT (Information and Communication Technology) courses has been made compulsory is secondary and higher secondary level for all students but their curriculum do not include any training on how to use computers for office application. Besides that the courses include some unnecessary topics which are not useful for general students.  Topics like number system conversion are useful for computer engineers but useless for other careers. But this topic is taught with high emphasis. If these students were taught how to use computers for office applications then it would have been beneficial for their future careers.

unemployment in bangladesh
Unemployment in Bangladesh

There are vocational training institutes in Bangladesh but more are necessary, to turn the huge population burden into manpower. Whether they work in their own country or they work abroad, proper vocational skills would help them to earn a better living and contribute more to national and global economy.

Yet again lack of English Language skills is another obstacle in the path of employment of Bangladeshi job seekers. English is taught from primary level but there is no environment to practice English speaking, so students lack in fluency. As a result they fail to communicate in the international arena. So the English curriculum should also focus on practice not just on theory.

We hope that the administrators of the education sector would realize the situation and provide job oriented courses for the betterment of the students of Bangladesh.

Vacancies vs skillets
Vacancies vs skillets


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