Reduce Reuse Recycle

3 (R) s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Solar, Wind and renewable energy sources
Renewable energy sources

Human activities like burning fossil fuels, destruction of forests, releasing harmful chemical in the atmosphere our environment is constantly being polluted making out planet inhabitable which is a threat to life on Earth and one by one endangered animals and plants are going extinct. If this process of extinction continues then soon it will be our turn to go extinct. To decrease the rate of pollution we have to follow the 3 (R) s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Let us reduce the use of fossil fuels and non renewable sources of energy such as oil, coal and gas; by using solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electric power, geothermal energy, bio-fuel and other renewable sources of energy. We should also reduce the wastage of energy by turning the electrical switches and stoves off after use. We should walk or ride bicycle instead of using motor vehicles like cars or motor cycles; or at least use public transports which produce less CO2 per person. Paper is produced from trees, so we should also reduce the use of paper for study, office work or research and instead we should use digital mediums.

Waste hierarchy
Waste Management Hierarchy

Let us reuse products such as plastic bags, electronic products, clothes, containers and other goods by repairing them or finding alternate uses for them. It is also a good practice to buy recondition product which are in good condition which would save money as well as reduce production of electronic waste. We should not throw away clothes in garbage just because they went out of fashion. We can donate our old things to homeless shelters and other charity organization instead of throwing them with trash. We should not be brainwashed by the corporate companies with new upgrade of products and their mesmerizing marketing strategy. We should rethink before buying any new electronics. If the previous one does the job, then we should not just upgrade electronics- just for the sake of upgrading. We cannot just throw away our old electronics. We can repair the malfunctioning electronic and reuse them. We can also sell our used electronics products when we are upgrading. When we are purchasing we should buy used, repaired or reconditioned products if they meet our requirements. Both selling used goods and re-buying saves money while saving the environment.

Let us recycle plastic and metal products to produce new products so that they do not end up in water or soil. We can also produce organic natural compost fertilizers by  recycling household waste and fallen leaves. We can also recycle cow dung and garbage to produce bio-gas which is an eco-friendly source of energy.

More research should be done to invent Eco-friendly technologies. We need to make solar and wind energy cheaper and available to all. Since humans are the most intelligent species on earth it is our responsibility to take care of our planet.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

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