Religion and Science

Religion and Science

I know scientific theories are based on observation and facts, once a theory is proved scientists and other people who consider themselves logical believe in those theories. With the passage of time we believe these theories so much that we don’t need to check about its proof we just apply them. In science text books of schools (I am not taking about higher studies) we read Newton’s laws but in most cases we don’t study how Newton proved them, yet we believe them. I would call that faith in science.

Again, religious thoughts and rules are made either by God or by men or women wiser than average for the benefit of the society, so it is best to follow them. Once we continue to follow them we start believing in them so much that we cannot afford question them. I would call that faith in religion.

Well, usually people who are pious believe their dreams will come true because they think God won’t let them down. Other people who don’t believe in God believe their dreams will come true either because they work hard or because they deserve it for some other logical reason. I think piousness & honesty is a sign of faith in religion and hard work & logical view is a sign of faith in science. From that point of view, I think you have faith in either religion or science.

Faith asks us not to kill any creature without genuine purpose not even the worms at the bottom of the garden. Later science proved that the worms at the bottom of the garden makes soil fertile and makes the garden beautiful. When there were no proof of the worms are acting like fairies and if men destroyed all the ugly slimy worms then there would have been no garden and nothing left to enjoy.

Both religious believes and scientific theories proven or not are words of wise men or women. Sometimes wise people understands a lot and comes up with great theories but cannot explain or proof all the theories within there lifetime that doesn’t makes those theories invalid. There is a possibility that they are wrong, but I think it is an act of wisdom to follow the wise.

I also believe in both science and religion. I think believing is having faith. But sometimes science and religion contradicts, may be it is caused by our limitation of knowledge in either science or in religion. At that time we have to choose one either science or religion, that is when some have faith in science and others have faith in religion.

Yes, I believe in both science and religions. But when there are moments when we need to choose it becomes very difficult. What ever you choose, though it is the right thing to do according to one theory (religious/scientific) you will feel guilty as it is wrong according to the other.

We believe what you know, but there are things about which we don’t know dose that means they don’t exist. I believe is both science and religion. Some times we also have to believe things which are not proven. But proofs surely makes believes stronger.

Thanks for reading patiently,
Qazi Syed Sayeed Nahin

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