Ride in the rain

Ride in the rain

Ride in the rain

Bicycle Rain

I love to ride in the rain,
On my bicycle with greasy chain,
It’s a feeling I cannot explain,
A ride on my bike in the rain.

Though the rain floods the street,
The muddy roads are not very neat.
Again, there is the wind to defeat,
which can also cram my feet.
Yet the rain is quite a treat,
It is better than the scorching heat.

The rain drops slowly cools me down,
Though, soaking wet, I may look like a clown,
That doesn’t bring me down,
Cause, I love to be the rain soaked clown.

It is like a toiling break,
Often makes me shiver and shake,
Sometimes my health is at stake,
Yet I love to take this break.

I ride on my bike in the rain,
You may think, I am insane,
It is a feeling I cannot explain,
The joy of riding in the soaking rain.

Bicycle ride in the rain

Author: Qazi Syed Sayeed Nahin

I was born to serve, Not to lead, But still trying to lead. An artist, Trying to be a business man.

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