Connecting the World

social media connects the world

Social Networks

Social Networks Connecting the World

Social networks are powerful tools for communication technology which gave us a platform to share our thoughts, experiences and ideas with our friends and family as well as with the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Youtube are popular social media. We can share text messages, images, videos, emogies and many other things on social media. Social media helps us to stay connected with our old friends and distant relatives. It also helps entrepreneurs to create business networks and promote their products or services globally. Social networks can be used to create awareness about beneficial causes and charities. It is also a source of news for many people.

Social Networks connecting people

Social Media Controlling Minds
Social Media Controlling Minds
Youth Neglecting studies
Youth Neglecting studies

On the other hand it is also a powerful tool to spread rumors, violence and vulgarity. Many people and news media post gossip and nudity on social media to gain cheap popularity. Recently it has been accused that Facebook was used by the Russians to manipulate the election of USA, which shows how influential social media has become. Many students get addicted to social media and neglect their studies and duties, which should be checked.

Social Media Addiction
Social Media Addiction

It is our duty to avoid the harmful aspects of social media and utilize the platforms of social media for communication and benefits of mankind. We hope with the collective consciousness of humanity connected through social media we would be able to create a progressive global society in near future.

Let us utilize social media
Let us utilize social media in creative ways to connect and unite people not to divide them.


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